It is inevitable for people to leave organizations. It may be because the company could not offer the opportunity or the development they want or maybe they just got a great offer that they cannot refuse.

This event should not be all that bad. You can create a culture in your organization where leaving the company is as great as how they joined the company.

In today’s episode, we will be talking about alumni networks with James Sinclair. James is the CEO and Founder of Enterprise Alumni, the market leading alumni and retiree engagement platform. Their software powers the corporate alumni networks of the world’s largest companies leveraging his vast untapped pool of people for talent sales, marketing, and community.

What is an alumni network?

A corporate alumni network is a program that ensures a continuous relationship between the company and the people who have left the organization. It is about creating a positive exit experience, connection even after the employment ends, and opening the possibility to come back to the company as a boomerang employee, consultant, or contractor.

It is incredibly challenging to find top talent that would stick with a company fresh from college till retirement. And creating an effective and engaged alumni network will ensure that your company will reap the benefits of having ambassadors for hiring new talent and a pool of experienced talent you can hire back.

Listen to this episode and learn how you can build your own alumni network.

What you will learn:

  • What is an alumni network
  • How can your company be known as a great place to be at and a great place to be from
  • Treating our employees like customers for a positive HR experience
  • The differences of the hiring back of an alumni as opposed to a new hire
  • How to start you own alumni network

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