with Scott Ko, Founder of ColourSpace

Art is not just a pretty picture that you display in your office. Art is more than aesthetics. Art has a profound effect on people who not only make art, but all who observes and engages with art.

Art brings out the best in people. And having art in your workplace can change the flow of the environment! It can boost one’s creativity, reduce stress, and create opportunities for engagement!

Imagine, when you’re dealing with a very difficult task but after glancing at the hanging painting on your office’s hallway, you suddenly get a sudden burst of inspiration and creativity, wouldn’t that be great?

Having art in the workplace has a host of benefits not only for your employees but your potential clients as well!

Join me in this episode as you learn to create healthy spaces that look amazing, foster well-being, and are cost-effective with Scott Ko! He is the founder and director of ColourSpace, Australia’s first art social enterprise that is changing the way businesses engage with art by providing art ‘as a service’ for workplaces.

Scott uses his diverse experience as a former management consultant and Innovation Executive to create meaningful human centered change within organizations.

Scott will show us the benefits that art can bring and how companies can make a positive social impact on local and emerging artists!

Find out how art can bring your employees together as well as ideas and how ColourSpace chooses the best art for each workplaces and the meaning behind it!

What you will learn:

  • The inspiration behind ColourSpace and how it started

  • Art is not only aesthetics

  • The role of art in the workplace – from a leadership perspective

  • Why art is important at the workplace

  • The solution is art!

  • Why invest in art at work?

  • How leaders can create more engaging spaces for their people

  • How Scott decides the right art for every space and why

  • The concept of creative collision

  • Color therapy and the impact colors have on people’s lives

  • Building community through art

  • How art helps people get better at conflict resolution

  • What is creativity and how does art enables it?

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