A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. How your employees are feeling both physically and mentally is an important issue that always needs attention as they are the foundation of growth and stability for any organization and business.

In order to really change the workplace, a supportive workspace is needed where managers and business leaders utilize wellness strategies to keep their people engaged, motivated, and happy.

In this episode of the Happy Healthy Workplace, you’re going to learn the essential elements to create effective workplace happiness with Vivian Acquah!

She is a workplace wellness advocate and speaker who’s on a mission to raise more awareness on worker’s mental wellbeing. Through her talks, she encourages her audience to rise up and thrive over stress, burnout, and other work-related issues.

Vivian is also the host of the Let’s Humanize The Workplace podcast where she showcases conversations with people to bring to light issues in the workplace that are never talked about.

Listen on and learn how you can create a thriving workplace where your employees are happy and healthy!

What you will learn:

  • What is total worker health and why it’s important

  • The holistic version of sustainable employment

  • How to open up spaces of support for your people or co-workers

  • Why you should bring in a wellness professional into your company

  • Humanizing the workplace


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