Encouragement is the fuel that powers hope-Brian Sexton

Today we’re talking with Brian Sexton about why this is important. Brian, the host of the Intentional Encourager Podcast, is a seasoned veteran in sales management as well as other industries and has been awarded in his fields. Through the years he came to the realization that there is little encouragement in our world. Brian seeks to break down barriers, create connective bridges to become an indispensable partner to customers and encourage growth in people.

Let’s dive right in and learn from Brian how the power of intentional encouragement can positively impact you and your workplace.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 07:06] Opening Segment

  • I welcome and introduce my guest, Brian Sexton, to the show
    • Brian’s business achievements and current activities
  • Brian gives a bit of background
    • 25 years of sales experience
    • A lot of expertise, not a lot of encouragement
    • Seeing the effects of intentional encouragement

[07:07 – 13:17] Intentional Encouragement; The Fuel That Powers Hope

  • Brian talks about the difference between intentional and regular encouragement
    • Passion vs. purpose
    • Purpose goes along with intentionality
    • Finding ways to impact someone where they are at
  • Why it’s important to do this for your staff
    • You can encourage your staff and it may drive them forward
    • Encouragement is the fuel that powers hope
    • People are at the point where our work is our lives
    • They need to know they are valued at work
  • Brian talks about value vs. appreciation
    • Value is more important
    • Giving specific things to your staff that you value
      • This is what Brian values about me

[13:18 – 21:53] Tactical Steps to Becoming the Intentional Encouragers

  • Brain talks about where we start
    • Understand what a specific person brings to the table
    • Brian’s fire analogy
    • Ex: of an impactful encouraging statement
    • Give it often
  • I talk about what I learned from Brandon Laws – link below
  • The effects of knowing that you’re valued
    • You are more likely to continue working in that environment
    • You are going to try to be consistent in your actions
  • We talk about our kid’s experience in the workplace
    • Value has become determined by social media
    • Giving your children the right tools

[21:54 – 26:53] Closing Segment

  • What do you think still needs to be said?
    • You have the right to become a free agent to find value
    • Encourage yourself every day
      • You can’t fill other’s cups if yours is empty
    • Final words from me and Brian


Tweetable Quotes:

“Purpose and intention go along with each other… Intentionally I wake up and say, ‘ok, today I’ve got to impact somebody, I’ve got to impact something.’” – Brian Sexton

“Encourage yourself everyday… Before you encourage others, you have to be encouraged yourself.” – Brian Sexton

“A pat on the back is only 18 inches from a kick in the butt…” – Brian Sexton

Resources Mentioned:


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