2020 has just begun and you want to start this year right! You want your business to soar! To do that, you need to help your employees be at their best. To perform at their best, they need healthy habits both inside and outside the workplace.

In this episode, we are joined by Mike Fenlon, Chief People Officer of PWC in the US, where he leads the people’s strategy and organization of the company. He’s an experienced global leader and strategy leadership development, learning, innovation, culture and performance and has been named by the Fast Company Magazine as one of the 100 Most Creative Business Leaders in the World.

He will talk about the Wellbeing Learning Project and the key findings from the comprehensive study done by PWC and USC, as well as recommendations on what leaders should be doing to implement successful well-being programs within their organizations.

Unlock your team’s performance as Mike Fenlon reveal insights about how corporate well-being programs can help reinforce many of the healthy habits of your employees for a stronger 2020!

 What you will learn:

  • The Wellbeing Project
  • What leaders must do to implement successful wellbeing programs
  • Creating an environment where people can be themselves
  • Commitment to wellbeing
  • Appreciation and teamwork
  • Inclusive leadership
  • What “corporate priority + healthy habit = big business benefits” means
  • How technology boosts wellbeing
  • Taking the “led-citizen approach”
  • Making wellbeing a part of your work

Connect with Mike Fenlon:

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