In a coronavirus world, we’re all required to stay at home. Most of the workforce has transitioned from working in the office to working at home.

Working from home may sound comfortable but it can also be difficult. Some people have issues to deal with like shared rooms, multiple distractions, low focus, and low productivity. To maintain efficiency and productivity, leaders need to establish clear remote-work policies.

In this episode, we are joined by Cindy Hooker of Gold Dog Consulting to talk about the strategies and resources she uses to improve productivity, team output, and increase support in this time where we’re all working remotely.

With 20 plus years of experience under her belt, she aims to help other people perform at their best to achieve personal and professional success!

Find out the best strategies you can use to help your team adapt to the new ways of communication and build trust. She shares tips on how leaders get used to remote working and how they can help their people to efficiently work from a remote environment. Cindy and I will also address the different issues people face when they work from home and how to deal with it.

What you will learn:

  • Strategies to keep your team productive and supportive in a remote environment
  • Why Cindy is very passionate about teaching
  • Remote communication
  • The levels of readiness
  • Rules of engagement
  • The importance of having that human connection
  • Why working from home is an issue for others
  • How to get yourself prepared when you’re working from home
  • Creating structure and clarity
  • The equation for trust
  • Why creating intimacy is important when working remotely

Connect with Cindy Hooker:

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