Employers no longer have the upper hand when it comes to hiring the best talent. Today’s professionals are smarter and wiser in selecting a company to work for. With many companies fighting for their attention, HR people are challenged to think of creative ways to attract top talent to be part of their organization.

How do you recruit the best talent to work for your company?

Don’t look too far ahead, no one can tell your brand story better than those who live it every day – your employees!

In this episode, we’re going to talk about something that everybody in the workforce really wants to know. We are joined by Sarah Goodall, founder of Tribal Impact, an organization that’s on a mission to empower the workforce and wider ecosystem to become digital ambassadors. They help companies by positively impacting lead generation, referral recruitment, revenue growth, and employee engagement.

Sarah will also discuss how you can get your employees to advocate for your brand, how offering a remote workplace is going to help you recruit the best talent to join your team, and a lot of great information that you can utilize to create a happier and healthier workforce!

What you will learn:
● The reason why Sarah works remotely and why it’s important for her business
● What recruiting talent globally can do for your workforce
● Sarah’s advice on how to trust your employees
● The benefits of having a trust-based culture within the workplace
● Bringing your personality into your job or business
● Creating a culture where communication and helping your employees feel confident is key
● How to get employees to trust when we begin to make changes in our business that creates the autonomy that they’re asking for?
● The F Words
● The importance of working fearless and listening to feedback
● How to get your employees to advocate your brand

More about Sarah Goodall:
Sarah is the Tribal Chief at Tribal Impact, an organization that works with large and small organizations to activate their employees on social media and turn them into digital ambassadors. They also offer services on lead generation, referral recruitment, revenue growth, and employee engagement.

Learn more about Tribal Impact and their services here.

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