The spread of coronavirus has caused widespread fear, stress, and concern.  When we are faced with uncertainty, it’s normal to have those reactions. As leaders, we need to set an example for our people and support each other, especially in tough times. How do we stay resilient and keep our mental well-being intact?

In this episode, returning guest, Michelle Dickinson joins us to talk about how you can stay empowered and motivated in difficult times. She will also share tools to keep yourself in a good mental space!

Michelle Dickinson is the author of the memoir Breaking Into My Life. She is a passionate mental health advocate and is out to raise awareness and compassion for those struggling with mental illness. She was on the podcast in episode 15 where she shared her struggles with mental illness, as well as her experience living with, and loving her bipolar mother.

What you will learn:

  • What employers should be focusing on right now
  • Being aware of the things we feed our brain
  • Having self-awareness and taking the time to implement things that give us balance
  • Reflecting and giving yourself permission to indulge in something that you love
  • Maintaining a daily structure
  • Checking on yourself and on others

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