Have you ever read a book that centers around what life’s really like in the corporate world?

There aren’t that many fiction books that recount an employee’s corporate life. But in today’s episode, we’re going to do a book review that exactly does that!

Our guests for today are book authors who wrote a fictional book based off of the workplace and their combined experience from the corporate world, called Operation Clusterpuck: A B.S., Incorporated Novel.

The book was dubbed as one of the 10 best Business Books of 2018! What’s so great about it? The book offers a colonoscopy of the contemporary corporate world! With a mixture of business humor, workplace romance, and plenty of real-life references that you can most definitely relate to.

Find out why many business leaders are into reading this and why you should too. Plus, Michael and Jennifer share their journey on how they came up with and wrote the book!

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What you will learn:

  • Why writing fiction was important for Michael and Jennifer
  • How Michael and Jennifer came up with the title of the book
  • A quick summary and what to expect from Operation Clusterpuck
  • Takeaways from the book

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