Employers don’t want their employees to be dependent on them when it comes to solving problems. As much as growth and improvement matters, your guidance, coaching, and involvement is also needed for them to become independent in solving problems later.

What do you think is more efficient? Leaving your employees to solve problems on their own or using the full force of the organization (you as the employer included) to pulverize and quickly resolve the problem?

Join me today as I interview Samuel Finn the co-founder of Ergonofis, an office wellness company that provides the freedom of movement for office workers and people who work from home, to optimize their health and productivity.

In this episode, Samuel talks about the 5 tactics that every employer and business leaders should know to help their employees overcome their biggest fears as a leader and other issues related to the workplace. He shares why employers should also take ownership of their mistakes if they want their employees to do the same.

Samuel carefully explains each tactic and advises every employer to take a step back and think about how they can help their employees to be engaged at work and make it more fun!

What you will learn:

  • Tactics to help your employees take ownership of their problems
  • How to help your employee overcome their fear as a leader
  • Why it’s critical for companies to create that transparent company culture where employees aren’t afraid to talk about their issues
  • Being consistent in coaching your employees and empowering them to take ownership
  • Solving problems with your employees doesn’t mean solving problems for them
  • Examples on how to step into that coaching perspective of where you hadn’t been coaching before
  • The importance of being aware of how your employees feel and what’s causing them frustration
  • The Monkey Story
  • What happens when you don’t fire employees who won’t take ownership

More about Samuel Finn:

Samuel Finn is the co-founder of Ergonofis, a company that offers a high-quality standing desk to help office workers stay active throughout their days and inspire them to feel excited about work.

This idea started when Sam launched an online company that offered personal training plans. Knowing how terrible sitting all day is to our health, the first thing he did was lodge his old car tires under his desk to build a fixed height standing desk. He soon realized that standing all day isn’t ideal for our health either. Keeping the same objective, inspire people to live healthier lives, he decided to partner with Kim and focus all his efforts on building exceptional products and services for office workers. That’s when Ergonofis was born, from a passion and a pain point that Sam had!

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