14 million Americans and 450 million people across the globe suffer from mental illness. And they may be in your workplace, hiding their struggle with this invisible disability.

People with mental illness usually wear a mask at work and “suffer in silence”. They feel that it’s not a safe space for them to be their authentic selves. They do not open up, reach out, or ask for help because they fear that they’ll be seen as weak or incapable of doing their job, especially when they’re being considered for a promotion.

How do we break this stigma within the corporate culture and create a workplace where people may feel supported, accepted and just be their genuine selves?

Join me in this episode as I interview Michelle Dickinson, the author of the memoir Breaking Into My Life, about how to drive real change within your company’s culture so the people with invisible disabilities can be themselves in the workplace.

Michelle is a passionate mental health advocate and is out to raise awareness and compassion for those struggling with mental illness. She shares her struggles with mental illness, as well as her experience living with—and loving—her bipolar mother. She shares how she eradicated mental health stigma in her workplace and how she is creating real change in the sphere of how mental illness is perceived in the corporate world.

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What you will learn:

  • Michelle’s journey from Johnson & Johnson to writing her first book
  • Dealing with mental illness
  • How Michelle found a way to cope with her mental illness in the workplace
  • Having a support system and a safe space within the workplace where employees can be vulnerable
  • How to deal with a leader who is so resistant to include mental health in the conversation for their people
  • The importance of storytelling
  • Removing the stigma within your company by courageously telling your story
  • The importance of having an inclusive workplace for employees
  • Caution on organizations using mental first aid training for their employees

More about Michelle Dickinson:

Michelle Dickinson is the author of the memoir Breaking Into My Life and has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 18 years. She is formerly an associate director at Johnson & Johnson.

Michelle is out to raise awareness and compassion for those struggling with mental illness along with those who care for them, so that more people get the treatment and help they need and deserve. She believes that together we can eradicate the mental health stigma once and for all.

Get to know her more by visiting her website

As well as her Workplace Mental Health website

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