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Most of us spend a lot of time at work, hoping this will bring more achievement and success.

This goal of progressing in our careers creates a blur between our work and personal life. And this may lead to damaging results – exhaustion, relationship stress, and mental illness.

Join me in this episode, as Carlos Hidalgo, the author of Driving Demand and The UnAmerican Dream, talk about how you can create work and life boundaries so that you can focus on what truly matters.

How do you establish boundaries between your work and personal life? Is it possible to achieve a work-life balance?

In this conversation, he shares the costs that many pay in order to keep pace with modern business pressure. He talks about what work-life balance means, being a proactive employer, and how his quest for success impacted his relationship with his wife and family. He also shares a simple guide on how he overcomes various circumstances to find happiness and fulfillment both personally and professionally!

What you will learn:

  • The circumstances that pushed Carlos to write his book
  • Why you shouldn’t tie your identity and work to your professional accomplishments
  • What it means to be a proactive employer
  • Why you need to say yes to feedback
  • How mental illness can affect relationships
  • How to establish a boundary between your work and life
  • Designing a program that fits your culture
  • How to remove that exhaustion factor from work
  • Becoming the change agent in your workplace

More about Carlos Hidalgo:

Carlos Hidalgo is a 25-year business veteran. Over the span of the last two plus decades, Carlos has held corporate roles, started his own entrepreneurial ventures and served in non-profits. Carlos co-founded his first company in 2005 leading it to two consecutive Inc. 5000 Awards before departing and launching his second company VisumCx. In addition to his current role as CEO at VisumCx, Hidalgo also serves as a managing partner in a health care platform start-up and serves on the board on a tech start-up and writes often on the intersection of business and personal success.



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