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Sharing the secrets, solutions and strategies of creating a profitable business where people really want to work!

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About the Podcast

The Happy Healthy Workplace podcast offers revealing conversations with business leaders who have transformed their companies into profitable happy healthy workplaces. You’ll hear in-depth conversation with CEOs, HR Executives and well-being change agents.

They share their secrets, strategies and solutions for developing healthy happy workplaces that don’t sacrifice profitability. Find out how to create an outstanding workplace that attracts and keeps the BEST people in this revealing honest and insightful podcast.

Meet The Host

Kimberly Ficklin

At 42 years old Kimberly Ficklin had it all, fantastic job, high-flying lifestyle, big house, happy marriage, savings in the bank. She truly thought she had it all until she lost her health. Years of overworking, stress and ignoring her own health brought her to her knees. She lost the lifestyle she had worked so hard to achieve. Not satisfied with the endless drug prescriptions and hospital visits, she turned to nutrition and lifestyle changes because she wanted to live a happy healthy life. Six months later she had dramatically improved and realized that she could not go back to the same unhealthy choices she was making before. She also recognized that many of her former colleagues were struggling with the same health and stress issues that she had in the quest for corporate success. Now Kimberly works with companies, helping to  create inclusive, Executive-driven leadership and well-being solutions that help cultivate healthy, vibrant work cultures and enhance organizational performance and growth.

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